Cristina N:

I'm moving, and if there's one thing I wish I could take with me its Tina & her dog care!
I don't think I'll ever be able to find someone who can make my dogs (and me) so happy!  My dogs always came back exhausted (which isn't easy with their energy level)  I had tried other services, desperate to find a mid-day service to prevent daytime boredom, but found most to offer just a boring walk for only 10-20 min. After asking around at the dog park, I was thrilled to get such high recommendations and called her.  Boy am I glad I did! She's been exhausting my dogs ever since!
I was especially grateful to have her in my life after my ankle surgery. Though I was home all day, I wasn't able to walk the dogs- Tina was an absolute life-saver! Being there to see my dogs wiggle, jump and dance when they'd hear her car pull up proved that they LOVE her! They couldn't get into her car fast enough! 
Plus, she's also one of the most responsive, flexible, accommodating, understanding and forgiving people with whom I've done business in NOVA/ DC.  My schedule is crazy and I can be forgetful or wishy-washy. I can't believe how well she's accommodated my needs as a client!  Her dedication to providing the highest level of care & attention to the dogs is indicative of her stellar level of professionalism and outright awesome service.  
My highest recommendations on all counts! I'll miss you!!!

Rachel S:  

From the second Blue walked into Tina's oasis he felt at home and loved. When Tina has Blue I feel confident he will come home happy, exercised and safe. Our family feels lucky to know Tina and her family.

Shannon V:

My husband and I travel a lot and it's so nice knowing that our dog, Boomer, is in great hands when we go out of town. You can tell that Tina genuinely cares about each and every dog she watches and Boomer is always ecstatic to see her whenever we drop him off. She keeps the dogs very active and Boomer always sleeps for days after he comes back from Tina's.  She sends pictures and updates so you know your dog is doing well. My husband and I feel so lucky to have found Tina! 

Meg G:

As a single woman with no kids, I truly consider my dog a close family member.  After starting a new job a year ago, I was nervous and extremely picky about who I chose to take him on mid-day walks and keep him overnight while out of town.  I went through several services before being referred to Tina.  She has exceeded all of my expectations and made life much easier and more fulfilling for both me and my dog.  You will not find a more loving, active, responsible, and reliable caretaker for your animal than Tina.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

John K:  

Absolutely wonderful! My shy dog who suffers from separation anxiety came home exhausted and slept for 10 hours! He NEVER does this, he's usually too wired from missing me that he stays up all night to make sure that I don't abandon him again. Great experience, very highly recommended.

Jenn O:

I recommend Tina as a dog-walker and dog-sitter without hesitation!  My 20 lb doxy/jack russell/beagle mix Bellini loves Tina and I know Tina adores her as well.  I feel completely confident leaving Bellini with Tina for vacations, and letting her come to my home to help with walks during the day.  She sends me messages with pictures and video of my pup, and communicates with me promptly if any questions or last minute requests come up.  I feel lucky to have found Tina, she is the best! 

Braeden M: 

From the moment Finn came to meet Tina and her sidekick Daisy, she was very accommodating, and welcoming of Finn into her house. Finn is only 6 months old, so he is a little energetic, and gets extremely excited in new places. This was no problem for Tina. We dropped him off on a Thursday, and his stay was well documented with pictures, and updates of our pup during his happy stay. Tina was very methodical with her updates, and showed that she had the situation under control, and was very responsive when we checked on Finn. It was a relief that we knew Finn was well taken care of, and will without a doubt use Tina again. He left a very happy, well exercised and satisfied pup, and we're relieved that we have this reliable option as opposed to a kennel. Thanks Tina!