Dog Services: 

Rates quoted are for dogs within a reasonable distance to Route 50/George Mason.  

(Please note that there will likely be a puppy surcharge for daycare and boarding.  We love puppies, but they require a lot of additional care/attention/sleep deprivation/clean up etc.)



                                             15 minutes        30 minutes       

1-3 walks/wk                      $18.00                $25.00                 

4 or more walks/wk          $15.00                $20.00                 

Morning, midday, and evening walks are available.  

Each additional dog:  $10.00 (The additional dog does not have to be yours, as long as they live close by/can be walked together.  We can leash walk a maximum of 3 dogs at the same time. Talk to your neighbors!)


Up to 8 hours of quality, kennel-free care.  Dogs are given the run of the house and fully fenced in backyard.   Several walks are included:  leashed, dog park and/or free run in the woods, depending on your dog.

Drop off: after 8 am

Pick up:   before 8 pm

                   1-3  days/week:                                                                      $50.00

                  4 or more days/week:                                                            $45.00



Drop off and pick up hours are the same as daycare.  (Pick up and drop off service is available.  Rates depend on your location.)

 1-3 nights:  $65/24 hours.  $5/hour thereafter.  (For example, if you drop off your pup at 5 pm, please pick up by 5 pm the next day.  If you can't get here till 8 pm, it would be an additional $15.)

4 nights or more:  $60/night with no charge for additional hours on drop off/pick up day.                        

Included in the boarding fee:  at least 3 walks each day, with the midday walk being an hour at the dog park or woods, depending on your dog.  

This is a dog-centric house, and we allow our guests to roam freely on all the furniture.   If your dog prefers to sleep in his/her own bed, please feel free to bring it!  For your convenience, we have crates if needed.  

We are experienced at administering medicine orally or otherwise.  And we are definitely conscientious about dietary issues, so rest assured that your dog will eat what he/she is supposed to. Medically fragile dogs are considered on a case-by-case basis.  

~Holiday boarding (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day) rates apply.  Please inquire about rates, as they vary depending on the holiday.  Book early...spaces are limited, and they fill up very quickly!   



Carless? Don't wanna be the bad guy??  Or just too crazy busy???

We are happy to provide transportation/support/paw-holding if your pet needs to visit the doctor.  Rates depend on location and length of visit.  


Cat Services:

The usual in-home cat check in:  feeding, litter box duties, playtime, etc.  Feeding and poop scooping are $20/one visit per day  or $30/2 visits per day.  (Unfortunately, we can not board or provide daycare for cats. The resident cats are dog-friendly.  Other cats=big trouble.) 



We will clean your hamster cage, bird cage, feed your snake a rat/mouse, shear your sheep, milk the cow (if you show us how).  Anything, really.  Just ask!