Q:  How long have you been in business?

     A:   NOVA Ultimutt Pet Care has been caring for local dogs and cats since August 2014.

Q:  Do you give discounts on your services for 2 dogs in the same household?

     A:   For dog walking, absolutely!  For daycare/boarding, there are a finite number of spaces available in the house which usually fill up at the regular rate.  We offer a discount if you purchase a daycare or boarding package.  Please check out the "services" page.

Q:  Are you licensed andninsured?

     A:  Yes. Absolutely.   


Boarding/daycare clients:

Q:  How much time will you spend with my dog each day?

     A:  Lots!  This is what we do...we spend a great deal of time with the pups with lots of interaction, exercise, and love!

Q:  How long will my dog have between potty breaks?

     A:  We take 2-3 walks during the day, either leashed or in the woods out back.  We are constantly opening/closing the glass doors to the yard, so there is never an issue with lengthy periods between breaks.

Q: How much outdoor play time will my dog have?

     A:  As much as weather will allow!  

Q: What is the maximum number of dogs my dog would be interacting with?

     A:  During the day, there may be as many as 7 other dogs.  At night for the boarders, we try to keep it to 3-4 others.

Q: Do you accept special needs dogs (seniors, medically fragile, allergies, etc)?

     A:   It depends.  We consider all dogs on a case by case basis.  

Q:  Where will my dog sleep? 

     A:  Your dog may sleep anywhere...bed, floor, sofa--or their crate if that's preferable to you.  That's how we roll. :)

Q: What should I bring for my dog's stay?

     A:  At a minimum, please bring their regular food and make sure there are identifying tags on the collar.  We have plenty of bowls, toys, etc.  Yours might get lost in the shuffle, but feel free to bring those too if you like.  

midday walking clients:

Q:  My work schedule is variable.  Are you able to be flexible with changing work weeks?

     A:  Absolutely!  We just ask for a day's notice if possible.  Some clients email or text us the schedule at the beginning of each week.

Q:   My dog is leash aggressive.  Are you still able to help with walks?

     A:  Yes.  It's good to know what a dog's limitations are (hey, we all have them).  Any/all information you can give us is the key to happiness all around.